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Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering and engineering management that focuses on how to design and manage complex systems over their life cycles.



Nowadays, the expression "general purpose" highlights the exceptional versatility of technology in responding to full marks to a composite class of problems. In fact, in the modern era, the focal point of the challenge is identified in artificial intelligence: the machines produced by us provide greater information processing capacity, superior computational power and the cognitive ability of the systems, making them the true keys of the change.

The first phase of our creation process is:

  • Briefing with the customer (the specifications of the product are provided, which will form the basis of the idea to start the technological process aimed at creating the machine. It is based on the timing and production logics of the customer).
  • Preliminary study (the type of system that best suits the process that is to be automated is identified. Behind the realizations there is always the study of the application and the choice of the material to be used).
  • Operational needs (customers' priorities are identified to bring out specific production flows and finalize machines and plants in the most diversified way possible).

Our operational sectors

We offer a full service of automation, engineering and robotics. Investment in technology makes us the industry leader.

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