DMC Core Business

Production of special machines for construction assembly testing of seats

In terms of business, in order for a company to continue to secure a place in the market, it needs to have a strong adaptive capacity.

In fact, it is in relation to the constant changes in the market and the increasingly advanced technologies that it is necessary to keep the "core" of the company in focus; our core business symbolizes the key to achieving a better competitive advantage and is what we focus on most of our efforts and investments.

All the conception and creation activities related to the automotive sector, in particular the realization of machines for the production / assembly of car seats and their testing, are what most directly corresponds to our business objectives and in which we are more involved in terms of resources economic-financial, cognitive, organizational.

DMC Automation DMC Automation - core business

Our operational sectors

We offer a full service of automation, engineering and robotics. Investment in technology makes us the industry leader.

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