Nowadays, the expression "general purpose" highlights the exceptional versatility of technology in responding to full marks to a composite class of problems.

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For over 40 years we are active in the production of special and innovative machines, and we have as main purpose to ensure the correct and lasting operation.

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The programmable logic controller (PLC) is a computer for industry specialized in the management of industrial processes through the execution of software that receives digital and analog signals from a series of sensors, which are processed and directed to the actuators of the plant in use.

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Industry 4.0

DMC Automation

Industry 4.0 represents the future of world manufacture. Already today it is determining which countries will emerge as industrial, from the global crisis and which will remain the bottom. It is no coincidence that it is one of the most important issues in the United States, Germany, India and China. In Italy too, tax policies are being pursued that discourage the use of traditional technology and machinery that incentivize the investment in IoT technology, robotics, favoring the automation of the production and management process. It is essential to rethink and develop new production, organizational and management processes. Our company makes available to its customers the possibility of managing the investment in terms of the Industry 4.0 project, being able to take advantage of all the tax benefits provided for by current legislation.


DMC Automation

Innovative in the name of high quality precision machining, digital technology for metalworking, engineering and design. Customized services for tailor-made solutions. A real technological partner. Materials processing, reliability and reliability.


DMC Automation

Engineering processes, linked to the development of the final product passing through the values and results obtained by CAD, CAE & motion to verify all the dynamics of the correct functioning of the same.


DMC Automation

A wide selection of innovative and intelligent sensors with different measurement procedures such as triangulation, digital image processing or optical section. This variety allows a high flexibility in the generation, processing and transmission of measurement data.

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40 Years of experience
3 Operational countries

Our capabilities cover a wide spectrum of multiple actions envisaged by the law, with reference to the modernization of internal company infrastructures, the reduction of the digital gap and the optimization of processes, working on the integration between the machines that are part of the production process and the automation of the same.

Over 40 years of experience Dinamic Machine Construction Automation

Our operational sectors

We offer a full service of automation, engineering and robotics. Investment in technology makes us the industry leader.

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